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Tour Highlights

Tour Highlights

Itinerary features:

Milan:  High fashion mecca
Verona: the location that Shakespeare’s tragic play took place–Romeo & Juliet (UNESCO World Heritage Site 2000
Venice: A romantic city connecting with many canals (UNESCO World Heritage Site 1987)
Florence: the cradle of the Renaissance art (UNESCO World Heritage Site 1982)
Siena: a lovely medieval town (UNESCO World Heritage Site 1995)
The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Seven wonders of the world (UNESCO World Heritage Site 1987)
Full day city tour in Rome (UNESCO World Heritage Site 1980/1990)
Enjoy local specialties: Italian risotto with pork cutlet, Spaghetti squid with black ink sauce, fried seafood plate and tiramisu. Penne with pesto sauce, Florentine Steak with potatoes; Ice Cream, Ravioli, Grilled Chicken Leg with Salad, Dessert
Provide one bottle of mineral water per person per day on the coach
Provide headset service for 15 and more guests per group

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