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Las Vegas RV Days (Red Rock)

The departure, destination and days of the itinerary are for reference only.
Tour Code: SUM22-LAS07
Tour Highlights
Date & Pricing

Tour Highlights

Itinerary features:

Las Vegas Blvd to Las Vegas Oasis Resort

Continuation of day 1
Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon to Beatty
Beatty to Furnace Creek, Death Valley
Death Valley to Baker
Baker to Las Vegas
The departure, destination and days of the itinerary are for reference only. Travel to Death Valley is not allowed in July/August


Day 1 STOP 1

Las Vegas Blvd to Las Vegas Oasis Resort


Pick up your motorhome from the Las Vegas depot and drive the very short distance to Las Vegas Oasis Resort, our suggested campground for two nights.  Get acclimated and prepare for tomorrow's big day enjoying the "Entertainment Capital of the World"!  Why not take in one of the many shows on every night in Vegas.  Cirque du Soleil has more than one show and these, plus other shows can be booked in advance at

<RV overnight> Las Vegas Oasis Resort,

Day 2 STOP 2

Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon (47 miles - 1 hour)


You can leave at your leisure as it's not far to drive to our suggested overnight campground in Red Rock Canyon.  Once you have chosen your overnight stay, enjoy a relaxing day and evening.

<RV overnight> Red Rock Canyon

Day 3 STOP 3

Red Rock Canyon to Beatty (120 miles - 2 hrs 10 min)


Drive through the Amargosa Valley to Beatty, the nearest town before you enter Death Valley National Park.  Our suggested campground is the Death Valley Inn.

<RV overnight> Death Valley Inn

Day 4 STOP 4

Beatty to Furnace Creek, Death Valley (40 miles - 1 hour)


Furnace Creek is an oasis in the middle of the desert - a lush area amidst the bare rocks, dunes and salt flats that make up Death Valley National Park.  We suggest the National Park Campground adjacent to the Visitor Center.  It has showers, toilets, and is a short walk from Furnace Creek In - a local ranch-style hotel with restaurant, golf course and horseback riding.  A great location for visiting all that Death Valley has to offer

<RV overnight> National Park Campground

Day 5 STOP 5

Death Valley to Baker (113 miles - 2 hours)


Exit Death Valley on the Badwater Road, stopping at 'Badwater' - the lowest point in North America.  Walk out onto the salt flats and cast your eyes around the surrounding's like nothing you have seen before.  As you exit the park, you will go through Shoshone where you may want to stop for a beer or maybe lunch.  Now drive south, through the San Bernardino Valley, alongside Death Valley, to the town of Baker on the edge of the Mojave National Preserve.  Two developed, family style campgrounds, the Mid Hills Campground and the Hole-in-the-Wall Campground, are available year-round.

<RV overnight> RV

Day 6 STOP 6

Baker to Las Vegas (180 miles - 3 hrs 15 min plus stopping time)


Head northeast out of the Preserve toward Searchlight.  You will possibly experience national security checks as you approach the dam itself but it's totally non-invasive, so no worries.  At Hoover Dam you will be amazed at this man-made structure which controls the water from the Colorado River, feeding Nevada and California.  Following this, our suggestion is that you drive back to Las Vegas Oasis Resort for your last night in the motorhome, maybe via Boulder and the Hoover Dam Museum.

<RV overnight> Las Vegas Oasis Resort

Day 7 STOP 7

Returning Your Motorhome (2 miles - 10 min)


A relaxed start to the day before returning your motorhome, full of petrol, to the El Monte RV depot in Las Vegas


Departure Date



There are many options for RV models
please call for price

*** All prices listed are in US Dollars , Subject to change without notice***

  • Pre-Paid Nightly Rental Rates:
  • At least a 3 night minimum is required for round-trip rentals. At least a 7 night minimum is required for one way
  • rentals. Certain Vehicles, Holidays and Special Events may require a longer rental period. Actual minimum rental period is noted on the weekly rate sheet for each season.
  • The Nightly Rental Rate includes Unlimited Generator Usage
  • Sales Tax:
  • Taxes are due on all charges** and vary depending on the pick-up Location.
  • Mandatory Charges: Pre-Paid or Paid at Counter
  • Starter Kit: $39.95 per Trip
  • Full tank of Propane: The Water Heater; Range (Stove) & Oven; Space Heater and the LPG Setting on the
  • Refrigerator & Freezer run on LPG (Liquid Propane Gas).
  • Prepared Tank with Toilet Chemicals (1 pack) and Tissue (1 roll)
  • Electrical Power Cord
  • A/C Adaptor
  • Dumping and filling hoses
  • Leveling blocks
  • Drop Fees are due for One-Way Rentals. Limited Availability. If available, there is a one-way drop fee due.
  • Contracts are subject to fees imposed by the State Governments, Environmental Impact fees and Vehicle
  • License fees (VLF): [** These fees are not subject to sales tax]
  • California VLF: $2.00 per night
  • Nevada VLF: 3.5% of the nightly rental rate
  • Texas VLF: $1.00 per night
  • Florida VLF: $0.70 per night
  • New Jersey VLF: $0.55 per night
  • New Jersey State Rental Fee: $5.00 per night; 28-night maximum charge
  • Virginia State Sanitation Fee: $20.00 per vehicle
  • Pennsylvania P.T. Assistance. Fee: $2.00 per night
  • Colorado Road Safety Program Fee: $2.00 per night
  • Bookings will be confirmed and invoiced immediately by fax or e-mail. No duplicate invoices will be sent.
  • Please forward the invoices to your accounting department. Statements available on request only.
  • Important: FULL PAYMENT is due 30 days PRIOR to departure, unless prior payment arrangements
  • have been made.
  • Pre-Paid Miles Packages: There are no miles included in the nightly rental rate. Mileage packages provide
  • discounted miles that can be purchased before departure. There is no refund for unused mileage pre-purchased as part of a mileage package.
  • Packages of 100 Miles are charged at a discounted price – See rate sheet
  • Per mile charge for additional miles traveled over pre-purchased allotment varies by unit type between 32 cents per mile and 39 cents per mile.
  • Unlimited mileage option is only offered for rentals of 14-nights or longer.
  • Housekeeping Options: Pre-Paid or Paid at Counter. Kit items and quantities may vary by location. Items may be substituted without notice. Items are for rent and must be returned to rental locations.
  • Convenience Kit: $55 per person
  • Linens for Bed & Bath + Dishes & Utensils
  • Kitchen Kit: $130 per vehicle
  • Cooking Ware + Sanitation Supplies
  • Important Note:
  • Kit items and quantities may vary by location. Items may be substituted without notice.
  • Housekeeping kits are offered for rental at the DEN, DFW, LAS, LAX, MCO, MIA, NYC, ORD, PHX,
  • SFO, SLC, SND and YVR offices only.
  • Pets:
  • Pets are allowed to travel in the motorhomes.
  • We no longer charge a Pet Fee; but the RV needs to be returned in its original condition.
  • Client is responsible for all pet related damage.
  • Standard cleaning charges apply if necessary.
  • We Must be contacted a minimum of 7 days prior to pick up with pet transfer request. Transfer restrictions may apply due to size of cage and / or luggage capacity of transfer van.
  • Insurance and Coverage Options (conditions and exclusions apply): Pre-Paid or Paid at Counter.
  • Renter must present proof of automobile insurance applicable to the rental unit.
  • Vehicle Incident Protection (VIP) reduces the Deductible to $1,000 Per Occurrence of accidental damage to the rental vehicle. VIP is $16 per night Pre-Paid or Paid at Counter.
  • Rental Liability Insurance (RLI) acts as Primary Third Party Liability Insurance up to the required financial responsibility limits. RLI is $13.50 per night Pre-Paid or Paid at Counter. RLI is available for purchase at all rental offices except those located in Colorado, Florida and Maryland.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is Additional Third Party Liability Insurance up to $1,000,000. SLI is $15.00 per night in all States Pre-Paid or Paid at Counter.
  • Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI) is required protection which must be obtained from El Monte RV for the specific dates that the motorhome will be in Mexico. MALI is $22 per calendar date that the motorhome will be in Mexico. Cannot be pre-paid; only Paid at Counter.
  • Reservation requests:
  • Reservations can be made via fax 626-289-8653, email [email protected], or call us 626-289-8587 for details
  • Every effort will be made to answer your requests within 24 hrs. Pacific Standard Time, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • One-way and long-term requests may take 48 hours to confirm.
  • Upon confirmation a contract number will be issued. Any correspondence on a specific client or booking will require this contract number.
  • Reservation requests must contain:
  • Customer’s last and first name, home address and e-mail address.
  • Pick up and return date.
  • Pick up and return station (specify airport code).
  • Mileage option being booked.
  • Number of persons (important for transfer and personal kit preparation).
  • Size and type of motor home.
  • What charges will be prepaid.
  • Customer hotel.
  • Group reservation requests:
  • Special group rates are available.
  • Requests for group bookings should be made as early as possible.
  • A group consists of 5 or more motor homes. The Value Rates are not valid for group bookings of 5 or more vehicles. Please contact us for special group rates.
  • Cancellation Fees / Changes / Long Term Discounts
  • Over 45 days prior to departure …...………………………… $ 0 (no fee)
  • 44 to 16 days prior to departure ……………….…………… $ 350
  • 15 to 1 days prior to departure ……………………………… $ 700
  • Departure day and No Show …………………………….…. Full Rental *
  • One-way rentals…………………………………………….. $ 200 (in addition to applicable fee)
  • A clients who declines vehicle at departure is classified as a ‘Departure Day’ and not eligible for any refund.
  • Cancellation of Group Reservations: per booking
  • Over 90 days prior to departure…………………………………… $ 100
  • 31 to 89 days prior to departure…………………………………… $ 200
  • 30 days or less prior to departure …………………………..…… $ 500
  • Changes to Reservations
  • Changes may be charged $50 per change.
  • The following changes will result in a re-calculation of Value Rate. The rate will be calculated using the most current Value Rate and compared to the existing Value Rate the higher rate will be use.
  • Change of party name
  • Change of vehicle size
  • Change of departure location
  • Change in departure date
  • Cancellation and rebooking
  • Change in drop-off date
  • Change in one-way drop-off location
  • Once confirmed, the following changes will not affect the Rental Rate:
  • Change in party size
  • Adding pre-paid items.
  • Miscellaneous Rental Items: Only offered at offices in: Dublin, CA; Ferndale, WA; Las Vegas, NV; Linden, NJ; McKinney, TX; Orlando, FL; Santa Fe Springs, CA. Items available on a first-come-first-served basis only; they cannot be reserved, pre-paid or guaranteed, only requested.
  • Toaster ($8 each)
  • Coffee Machine ($10 each)
  • Folding Chairs ($12 each)
  • Snow Chains ($20 each)
  • One-Way Rentals are on request only - No Free Sale. Prices are in US dollars. One-way fee is determined by where the desired Pickup and Return locations’ row and column intersect. For example, one-way fee from SFO to SLC is $350; from MIA to ORD it is $800.

Motorhome Takeover - Security deposit of $1,000 by Master Card/Eurocard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card is required.

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