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  • Thank you for your interest in our tours at Europa Holiday. In order to ensure the accuracy of customer information and to retain travel rights, please fill in the following information correctly. The name on the form must be the same as on the passport. Thank you!
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  • Cancellation deadline & penalty will apply: 120 days prior to departure date: USD100 per person. 119 days to 60 days prior to departure: USD200 per person. 59 days to 30 days prior to departure: USD300 per person. 29 days to 15 days prior to departure: USD500 per person. 14 days to 3 days prior to departure: USD1000 per person. 2 days to departure day and on the departure date: 100% of tour fare. All credit card transactions will have a 3.5% credit card processing fee.

    Cancellations are subject to written notice, such as postal mail, e-mail, or fax. Verbal cancellation is not accepted. Deposit of $300-$600 will automatically be forfeited.

    1. Europa Holidays US will not be responsible for cancellation fees and / or processing fees that may be caused by traveller's admendment prior to the travel date to their tickets of the following but not limited to tour, airfare, boat fare, train fare.

    Written notice 30 days before departure, cancellation fee $300(New Zealand & Australia tours' cancellation fee $600); 30-16 days before departure, cancellation fee $500; 15-2 days before departure, cancellation fee $1,000; one day before departure, cancellation fee 50% of total tour price; On departure date and or after departure date, cancellation fee 100% of total tour price. (All above have not included any issued air ticket penalty subject to the regulation of airline, basically all issued and consolidated ticket should be non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable)

    2. Airfare tickets are non-refundable, however most airlines will offer a credit towards your next airfare ticket with a one-year expiration period.

    3. In the event that a double occupancy room is booked and one traveller cancels, it is the responsibility of the remanding traveller to cover the full cost of the double occupancy room.
  • Cancellation Policy
  • 1. Group fee
    Cancellation of reservations is handled by written notice such as postal mail, e-mail, or fax, and no oral or telephone calls are accepted. The deposit of $300-$600 will be waived automatically.

    The following fees will be charged per person for cancellation:

    Cancellations of 120 days or more prior to the departure date will incur a handling fee of US$100 per person.
    For cancellations 60-119 days prior to the departure date, a handling fee of US$200 per person will be charged.
    Cancellations 30-59 days prior to the departure date will incur a handling fee of US$300 per person.
    Cancellations 15-29 days prior to the departure date will incur a handling fee of US$500 per person.
    Cancellations 3-14 days prior to the departure date will incur a handling fee of US$1000 per person.
    Cancellations within 2 days before the departure date and on the day of departure or withdrawals on the trip are deemed to be waived automatically, all fees paid are not refundable, and no other services may be required to substitute or transfer.

    2. Ticket section
    Since most airline tickets cannot be refunded, the airline will provide the credit method for use within one year from the billing date, and the overdue will be void.

    *No matter how long before the departure date, if the ticket, ticket or train ticket has been cancelled or changed, or has been confirmed with the relevant unit, in this case, in addition to the fine imposed by the company, Charges and fines are charged according to the cancellation method of the airline/ship company/train company. If two people are originally sharing a room, one of them will be cancelled for any reason, and the other person who uses the house alone will be responsible for the increase in the single room. *

    Travel Safety Medical Insurance:
    If you pay the full fee 60 days or more before the departure date (subject to the company's receipt), you will receive a free Travel Safety Medical Insurance from the company. Please refer to the policy for other conditions and details.

    Once the company is insured for qualified members, any subsequent requests, etc., please contact the insurance company according to the policy provided by the company.

    If you need to buy the full amount of travel interruption insurance, travel cancellation insurance, etc., the insurance premium will be paid according to the age of the insured and the group fee, and please contact the insurance company. (The company provides insurance company contact phone number)

    Responsibility clauses and general rules:
    The company reserves the right to change the hotel and travel procedures booked on the journey; the company will not have any compensation in case of any unexpected delays or delays and trips that are beyond the control of the company.
    The company reserves the right to decide the number of departures from the group. If the number is insufficient, the company will notify the passenger to change the departure date or return the customer's paid tour fee one month before departure.
    The visa fee charged by the company is due to be collected by the consulate, so the visa fee that has been processed under any circumstances cannot be refunded or transferred.
    The company is not responsible for the personal damage and loss of passengers. As for airlines and tour companies, their individual regulations are directly responsible for passengers and baggage (buses, trains and shipping companies are not responsible for baggage and property losses).
    Any passport must be valid for more than six months from the date of return. For visa issues, please contact us at the time of registration. Even if the passenger has a valid entry visa and travel document, he or she will be immigration or sea at the time of entry. The refusal of entry is not related to the company and all fees cannot be returned or transferred.
    If a group member withdraws suddenly on the way, or does not participate in any group activities (such as meals or sightseeing), they will be automatically waived and cannot be refunded.
    In order to safeguard the best interests of the group, if the passenger has any obstacles to the normal activities and interests of the group due to personal health or behavior, the company leader has the right to cancel his or her eligibility to continue to participate in the tour.
    Request for refund, change or transfer; all actions are not related to the company since the time the passenger leaves the group.
    The above cancellation rules do not apply to special groups/self groups. The method of canceling the reservation by self-organizing group/special group shall be handled in accordance with the rules agreed by the company.
    In view of various factors such as cost increase, exchange rate fluctuation, tax increase, etc., the company reserves the right to adjust the fee one month before departure.
    When a passenger changes his or her scheduled itinerary, such as early departure, late return, and departure from the group, it is subject to change depending on the cost of the ticket. After the ticket is issued, the company will not accept any changes. Airline ticket.
    It is not transferable or changeable. If it is necessary to change the itinerary or date, it will be fined according to the rules of the airline.

    Instructions for carrying luggage:
    All baggage, whether checked or carried, will be borne by the passenger; if there is any damage, delay or loss during the journey, the cost and risk will be borne by the passenger. Baggage regulations vary by airline and are subject to change at any time. Passengers should check the airline website before departure. For the convenience of travel and restrictions on bus space, it is recommended that each person carry a large piece of checked baggage and a small piece of carry-on baggage.

    In view of the factors of long-distance travel and geographical environment, passengers should seek the advice and consent of doctors before departure to fully understand their own physical condition; the company is willing to do its utmost to meet the needs of passengers, but for the safety of passengers and the interests of other members Any fact that it is not suitable for long-distance travel or inconvenient to travel alone, the passenger is obliged to report it at the time of registration and at least one suitable relative and friend will take care of it. In general, there are no wheelchair equipments in Europe, and there is limited space in the bus. It is not possible to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. The tour guides cannot provide further assistance due to liability issues. Please understand.

    Traveler's shopping tips:
    The tour leader or tour guide is happy to assist the traveler in shopping. However, any follow-up questions such as the price of the goods, quality or after-sales service are purely between the passenger and the merchant. Please consider the purchase before purchase. Responsible afterwards. To bring foreign goods into the country, please follow the regulations of the US Customs. Any problems are not related to the company.

    ** Regarding flight cancellations, delays, mechanical failures, airport closures, climate and other travel safety issues, various automobile companies, hotels, airlines, etc., have their own special regulations directly responsible for passengers, and are not involved with the company. **
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