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Bookings & Policies

Bookings & Policies


1.  To get passport copy in order to reserve air tickets. US $ 300 deposit required upon registration.
2. Please send details balance 60 days prior to departure date. If paid 60 days prior, we offer medical travel insurance.
3. Tour Package will be delivered two to three week (s) before departure.
4. For your arrival, you will arrange your own transportation to meet with group either at airport or at hotel. In late season , There are many trade shows and conventions in Europe, hotels in city center might not be available, please arrange your own transportation to airport to meet with group.
5. Room size in Europe is simplified small than in US and Asia. Triple room is not very common, in general, triple room is two beds plus one cot or sofa bed or one double bed plus one single bed. If three people are rolling together
6. Tour fare is per person in double occupancy. We can not guarantee which floor your room will be assigned to or room size. If you wish to upgrade your room to higher floor or luxury room (such as suite), you must let us know in advance And additional fee will apply. Single charge is for one person staying at a single room with one single bed. If you request two beds for single use, there are additional fee will apply and must get approval from hotel.
7. There is no guaranteed if the rooms are connecting, close by, or on the same floor, but we will do our best to accommodate.
Notes: By Completion of Registration with Our Tour, you Acknowledge that you have have the Read and accepted Our Terms and Policy.

Cancellation Policy

1. We must receive your cancellation notice in writing by post office mail, e-mail or fax. Cancellation can not be made by phone or verbal conversation.2. Cancellation Fee: ** 120 days before departure date: US $ 100 per person ** 119 Days to 60 days before departure date: US $ 200 per person ** 59 days to 30 days before departure date: US $ 300 per person ** 29 days to 15 days before departure date: US $ 500 per person ** 14 days to 3 days before Departure date: US $ 1000 per person ** 2 days before departure and departure date: 100% of total tour fare and can not be redeemed for future tours and non-transferable. If your roommate canceled before tour or canceled in the middle of the tour, the person who canceled is responsible for single supplement.** Above cancellation fee does not apply to customized group or special group. We have specific regulations and policies for special & customized group.

Medical Travel Insurance:

** If full payment paid 60 days prior to departure date, we offer medical travel insurance. For more benefit, please check travel insurance policy.

** For any claims during the tour, you must pay first and obtain all necessary documents during tour period. After returning from your trip, you must submit claim to Travel Insurance company directly.

** If you need to purchase travel cancellation & interruption policy, please contact Travel Insurance Agency directly (we will provide contact info upon request).

Responsibility & General Rules:

1. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary or substitute sightseeing and hotels as necessary reasons. Any delay and itinerary interruption caused by extreme circumstances and beyond our control, we are not responsible for any
2. We reserve the right to cancel our tour due to not enough participants (minimum group size: 10 people per group) and / or safety issue 30 days prior to departure date. We will refund paid tour fee.
3. Visa fee: If we submit visa on your behalf, if Consulate denies your visa for any reason. Visa fee is non-refundable nor transferable.
4. We are not liable for anyya, losses (including personal injury, death and property loss) or spend incurred by any act or omission of any supplier providing tour services and / or by airlines. Coach, train and ferry suppliers are not responsible for loss Of luggage and personal property.
5. Your passport must have at least 6 months validation from the date return from your trip. It is guests’ responsibility to ensure he / she travels with appropriate documents. We are not responsible if you were rejected for entry to our destination country. All tour fare Is non-refundable and non-transferable
6. If you withdraw from any tour activities, (such as meal, sightseeing and hotel lodging), tour fares are not refundable.
7. To ensure tour’s quality, we authorize our tour leader to exclude any person during the tour who’s conduct is not appropriate and affects group’s progress and interests. All tour fare is not refundable and we shall have no obligation to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses (Including but not limited to alternative live and return transportation arrangements guest may incur after guest rain our tour.)
8. We reserve the right to adjust tour fares 30 days prior to departure date due to tax increase, foreign exchange rate fluctuation.
9. If you decide to leave the tour in the middle of the tour, you are not responsible for your pre-and post night hotels. Responsible airfare is non-refundable, non transferable and non-changeable.
10. Hotel, Meals and Sightseeing will be conducted as per our tour itinerary. If cruises are interrupted due to weather condition, strike, flight delay, flight cancellation, hotel overbooking and any other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to make necessary changes We are not responsible for any.
11. Guest is responsible for any additional fee incurred if caused by personal reason. This fee must be paid on the spot and can not be reimbursed when guests return from our tour.


You are allowed to bring one checked luggage and one carry-on luggage. We are not liable for any excess fee for overweight and over size luggage. Airline revise luggage policies frequently and often without notice. Please check with your airline for policy before Are not liable for the accuracy of the weight and size limit.

If your luggage is lost, stolen, delayed or damaged caused by airline, we are not responsible for any profit incurred.


Due to long journey, if you have medical condition to limit your participation in activities, please consult your doctor before registration. If you have medical condition, yet you still want to join our tour, you must follow your family member. In Europe, Motor us general does not speak with wheelchair, please understand that our tour leader will not be able to assist you affected to liability.

Our tour leader is not responsible to resolve any issue for you. If you want to worry about

Please be familiarized with US government’s customs regulations when returning to US We are not responsible for any results incurred.

We are not responsible for any issue caused by airline (flight delayed, flight canceled, air plane mechanical problems, airport shutdown), war, accident, natural disaster, outbreak of disease.