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Traveler's Resources

Traveler's Resources

Travel Tips

Travel documents and air tickets: Travel documents and air tickets should be carried with you at any time, and should not be stored in the trunk.


For the convenience of travel and limited luggage space of the tour bus, it is recommended that each group member carry one piece of checked baggage and one piece of hand baggage, and the checked baggage is not more than 50 pounds. In case of any group friend’s baggage being overweight, the airline has the right to charge the baggage overweight. Hand luggage, the size is not more than 56 cm X 23 cm X 36 cm. Check baggage Please use your company’s luggage tag and sticker to clearly indicate your Chinese and English name and address. If the baggage is lost or damaged, it has nothing to do with the company, please contact the local airline counter. It is recommended that you place the supplies for the first two days in your hand luggage in case the checked baggage fails to arrive at the destination on the first day.


Valuables / Drugs:
Travel abroad to avoid carrying valuables. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage compensation for items. All members of the group should bring their own medicines for emergency needs, such as commonly used drugs, Baoji pills, antipyretics, stomach medicines, sleeping pills, etc. It is best to put them in a hand bag to prevent the checked baggage from being lost and cannot be taken. Prepare a sufficient amount before departure to take it along the way to stay healthy. If the health of the station needs special care, please bring the doctor’s prescription and inform the leader in advance to take care of it.


Negative film:
Most negatives are easy to buy in the field, but the price is more expensive, it is best to prepare enough weight before departure. All negatives, whether used or not, should be placed in hand luggage and should not be placed in checked baggage to avoid damage from X-rays during airport security inspections.


Before departure, the group members will receive a list of hotels in the hotel during the trip to facilitate group members to contact with relatives and friends. Most of the hotels are well equipped, the rooms have separate bathroom facilities, and most have hair dryers.


Return trip:
If the group member stays in Europe at the end of the trip, please contact the local airline office before the return trip (the ticket is valid for one month). Changing the return date usually requires a handling fee of $150­­­­­-$250 (depending on the airline).


Weather and clothing:
The weather in Europe is generally uncertain, and the rainy season is uncertain. You must carry a portable umbrella with you. Please pay attention to the weather reference table provided by the schedule. Due to the different weather around Europe, pay special attention when carrying clothes. If you carry too much clothes, you are undoubtedly a burden to yourself. Friends who love shopping should have more space to place souvenirs and travel clothes. The clothes are kept warm, comfortable and convenient, and do not have to be too aesthetically pleasing. There is not much need for underwear and socks. After washing in the hotel at night, wash it with your hands, wrap it in a large bath towel, and dry it up. Usually it will dry the next morning. For the convenience of the journey, lightweight flat shoes should be prepared. When visiting a solemn place such as a church or a palace, please don’t expose your clothes too much.


Customs and immigration procedures:
The purpose of traveling abroad is to see the customs and customs of the countries. Everywhere, if you don’t taste the cuisine of this country or nation, it is a big loss. German beer, sausage, French wine, seafood or beef, can have a chance to taste, isn’t it good? (Of course, at your own expense). Generally, the meals in major European cities are of course Chinese-style dinner, while the lunch is based on the principle of sampling the local dishes at their own expense.


The purpose of traveling abroad is to see the customs and customs of the countries. Everywhere, if you don’t taste the cuisine of this country or nation, it is a big loss. German beer, sausage, French wine, seafood or beef, can have a chance to taste, isn’t it good? (Of course, at your own expense). Generally, the meals in major European cities are of course Chinese-style dinner, while the lunch is based on the principle of sampling the local dishes at their own expense.


There are public security problems in big European cities, such as Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, London, etc., thieves are often seen, and valuables should be carried with you to avoid theft. Local store shelves such as SEARS, STAPLE, or the Department of Tourism sell a Neck money holder for easy placement of passports, airline tickets, and large banknotes. Generally, a small amount of cash can be used to place pockets.


The voltages in European countries are mostly 220V. When carrying electrical appliances, please check if the voltage is suitable. Electrical appliances brought from the United States usually require an Adapter to be used. For those with a video recorder, please charge it with a transformer.


Tips and Bounty:
The company’s team leader is carefully selected, not only savvy and competent, but also amiable, interesting and talkative. They are experienced, and in addition to explaining along the way, they also provide proper arrangements and assistance for your living and eating, sightseeing process, transit procedures, etc. Let everyone have a pleasant European holiday. Paying tips is very common in Europe. Traveling by taxi, going to the restaurant, going to the public restroom, etc., all have a close relationship with the tip. Our European group charges only include hotel accommodation, transportation, sightseeing programs, meals, etc. throughout the trip. In addition, if the tour group leader, tour guides and driver tips are not included. In European practice, the daily tips of the members, including the team leader, local tour guides, drivers, average 10 euros per day. When the tour is over, if you are satisfied with the service of the team leader, local tour guide and driver, I hope that you will be given a proper reward to express your wishes.

What should I do if my passport or ticket is lost?
It is best to keep a copy of your passport before you go out and store it separately with your passport. In the event of a lost passport, first report the loss to the local police station, and then report the loss to the local embassy for reissue. A US passport usually takes only three hours to get a temporary passport. If you do not have an embassy in the local area, or if you do not have a holiday during your vacation, you will be rewarded with a certificate of loss to the next stop, or a place where you have an embassy. If the ticket is lost, inform the airline counter staff at the airport of your name and flight number, depending on how the airline decides what to do.


Return to the US customs declaration procedures:
Anyone who returns to the United States after 48 hours of leaving the United States will be entitled to a tax exemption of $800 per person. For foreign passport holders or non-residents, only $100 is tax-free. Usually, before the plane arrives, the flight attendant will assign a Declaration form. Please fill in the name, gender, US address, flight number, and whether there is any contraband or more than $10,000. If the goods are not in excess of the standard, you do not need to indicate the contents of the goods on the back page, just sign under the back page. After the customs declaration form is completed, please store it with your passport. After arriving at the airport, first check the passport through the immigration office, then collect the checked baggage at the baggage office, and return it to the customs declaration form when passing the customs inspection. If you need to transfer, there will be air service personnel at the customs clearance to assist in the return of checked baggage; passengers only need to carry hand luggage to transfer. (If you have any other questions, please contact us.)


Foreign shopping tax rebate matters:
The company has no questions about buying items abroad, and it has nothing to do with it. If you are in the last country that has left Europe, if you need to apply for a tax refund, please contact the team leader first to see if there is enough time in the country where you left, or because the flight has left earlier and the customs has already gone to work. If you know the details and buy again, if the items are exported to Europe, there is no way for the company to help you to refund the tax after returning home. Please understand.

* Since March 1, 2007, new control measures have been implemented for liquid, gel and spray items carried by passengers abroad:

When traveling abroad, passengers often carry liquid, gelatinous and aerosol-like items such as lotions, beverages, toothpaste, hair gel and medical drugs. However, since March 1, 2007, when passengers fly abroad, they carry liquids with them. For gel and spray items, the following rules must be met.

Otherwise, it can only be placed in checked baggage:

1. A container of liquid, gelatinous and aerosol-like articles carried on a passenger or in carry-on baggage
The product cannot exceed 100 ml.
2. All liquid, gel and spray containers should be packed in no more than 1 liter and resealable
Inside a transparent plastic bag.
3. The plastic bag mentioned in the preceding paragraph can only carry one passenger per passenger, and must carry self-contained luggage when passing the security inspection line.
Removed and placed in the storage basket by inspection by the inspector and X-ray inspection.

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European country code:
United Kingdom: 44 Netherlands: 31 Luxembourg: 352 Poland: 48 Sweden: 46 Finland: 358

Spain: 34 France: 33 Germany: 49 Belgium: 32 Czech Republic: 420 Norway: 47

Greece: 30 Portugal: 351 Switzerland: 41 Italy: 39 Austria: 43

Hungary: 36 Denmark: 45

Average temperature of major cities (Fahrenheit) (local weather)

Visa Requirements

* Green card = No visa required = Visa required


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